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Saint's name from Maximilianus, a derivative of Maximus "the greatest". It was used in German royal houses after Friedrich III chose it for his son in 1459, explaining it as a combination of the names of two Roman generals, Maximus and Aemilianus.


Proper noun

  1. A given name borrowed from Germany, rare in English.


male given name
  • Czech: Maxmilián
  • French: Maximilien
  • German: Maximilian
  • Italian: Massimiliano


Proper noun

  1. A given name , an equivalent of English Maximilian, and currently quite popular.

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Maximilian or Maximillian (sometimes Maximilia) is a name of Latin origin meaning "greatest." It may refer to:




Other bearers of the first name Maximilian:

As a pseudonym

  • Maximillian or Max Schmeling, a German boxer
  • Maximilian, the recording pseudonym of 1960s pop instrumentalist Max Crook
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